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Phone: 970-306-7482

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The Breckenridge Retail Association has launched a not-for-profit membership based organization focused on providing a advocacy and promotion of a vibrant shopping culture in Breckenridge.  The Breckenridge Retail association is organized as a “business association” under the IRS tax law 501c3 (6)  with the goal of representing the unique needs of the Breckenridge merchant community.

The main goal of the new business association is to create a dynamic retail atmosphere, that embraces the history and culture of our town, while providing quality goods and services to our locals and guests. The organization will enhance the town’s shopping districts by supporting smart growth initiatives, a unified brand message and the coordination of events that instill a sense of adventure and place.

Board Chair, Adam Thompson said. “We look forward to a lasting relationship with Breckenridge business owners, residents, and visitors. Our focus is to create a business association that gives voice and represents the retailers of Breckenridge.”

Our Mission

The Breckenridge Retail Association mission is to advocate for a strong, diverse community of merchants that create and promote the shopping experience in Breckenridge, and to provide programs of value to the members


Our Vision

To create a vibrant business association that enriches the community by providing a dynamic retail atmosphere that supports the entrepreneurial spirit, and strives to provide the advocacy, research and promotion of shopping, while embracing the unique character and core values of our community.

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