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Breckenridge, CO August 26, 2019 - The Breckenridge retail Association has launched a not-for-profit membership based organization focused on providing a advocacy and promotion of a vibrant shopping culture in Breckenridge. .

The Breckenridge Retail association is organized as a “business association” under the IRS tax law 501c3 (6) with the goal of representing the unique needs of the Breckenridge merchant community.

The main goal of the new business association is to create a dynamic retail atmosphere, that embraces the history and culture of our town, while providing quality goods and services to our locals and guests. The organization will enhance the town’s shopping districts by supporting smart growth initiatives, a unified brand message and the coordination of events that instill a sense of adventure and place.

Board Chair, Adam Thompson said. “We look forward to a lasting relationship with Breckenridge business owners, residents, and visitors. Our focus is to create a business association that gives voice and represents the retailers of Breckenridge.”

The Breckenridge Retailer Association looks to represent all categories and types of merchants both on and off Main Street, with seats at the table for big and small businesses. The association plans to provide valuable survey information, marketing channels, and events that support and highlight the unique shopping experience in Town.

Treasury and Founding Board Member Richard Sims said “This group will assist in building partnerships with individuals, businesses and organizations to enhance and create a more vibrant shopping experience. In addition, we intend on conducting surveys with members, Breckenridge Tourism Office and Council to get an understanding of current retail sales, tax revenue and trends.”

The full work plan for the 2019-2020 fiscal year will be determined at the September Board meeting. Breckenridge businesses that are interested in becoming members or volunteering please visit or contact the Secretary of the Breckenridge Retailers Association Kimberly Sims at to receive our membership application.

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